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“Can I bleach my skin”? Does a question like this hound you every now and then? It is natural for you to get confused about the dos and don’ts during pregnancy, especially when it comes to beauty treatment. People around you may offer several suggestions and give you advice. Some women are born lucky and get a natural glow on their faces during pregnancy. However, there may be some others who look like they are desperately in need of a facial.You can opt for a beauty procedure. However, there are some procedures that are indirectly harmful to you and your baby. Here are few tips on what cosmetic options to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Hair ColorHair color is made using chemicals, and getting your hair colored while you are pregnant can prove to be harmful. This process involves the application of color directly on your scalp. While doing this, some chemicals can get into your blood stream. These chemicals can then reach your baby, and could cause certain birth defects.

So, it is advisable to stay away from this cosmetic procedure when you are pregnant. Instead, opt for highlighting your hair since it only a minimal amount of color that can reach your scalp. Therefore, this method is considered safe.

2. TattoosIt is a good idea to stay away from tattoos when you are pregnant. This is because the numbing cream can cause an allergic reaction. What may suit you when you are not pregnant, could turn tables when you are pregnant. Besides this, any broken skin can either get infected or heal leaving a scar behind. So, the bottom-line is that you should wait until the birth of your baby.

3. Skin Peels And FacialsFacial skin is the first part that gets affected during pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes in your body. The skin could become dry, oily, dark, or pigmented during pregnancy because of these changes. You need to check with your beautician if the ingredients in the peels and facials are safe for pregnant women. However, do remember that what may seem safe may not actually be safe. The best thing to do is avoid such products and procedures, and be safe from any allergic reaction.

4. Laser Hair RemovalThis process is a definite no during pregnancy. It uses a body numbing cream that is easily absorbed by your skin. There is a possibility of this cream entering your blood stream, and in turn, affecting your baby. Also, the laser light is not safe for your baby. It is better to abstain from such products and procedures when you are pregnant.

5. Manicures And PedicuresRestricting yourself to painting nails is fine. It is advisable to stay away from procedures like manicures and pedicures. This is to avoid getting staph infections if the water used is unclean, or if the pedicure and manicure tubs are not hygienic.Besides this, if you have an aversion to smells, you may end up with nausea.

No matter which beauty treatment you plan to opt for, seek the advice of your doctor, and only then get it done. Pregnancy is just a matter of nine months; it is better that you wait for the little bundle of joy to come into your life before going in for a beauty treatment.

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