5 Things That Spa Insiders Do To Get The Best Deals

The truth about spas is that they won’t give you any discounts not unless you ask for it – that’s just the way it is.

 And while this might seem difficult, the truth is you can still save a good amount of money when visiting.

 So, here are 5 things that spa insiders do in order to get the best deals:

 #1: Visit a destination spa during the off-season

Most rates drop sharply during the off-season. So, it’s a good idea to schedule a spa vacation during this time. You can get the best overnight deals in the summer in Arizona and Florida while the North East should be your destination in the winter.

 #2: Join a Rewards Program

Most spa have loyalty programs. For example, you can get one massage free for every 10 paid massages. Availing of this 10% discount saves you money and which can quickly add up over a period of time.

 #3: Accept email blasts or texts

Spas will never advertise discounted deals but instead tend to keep their regular customers posted via texts or even emails. So, it’s a good idea to sign up with them for last-minute discounts, classes, lectures and even free treatments.

 #4: Look for group rates

If you and your girlfriends want some time away, almost 5 or more in number, then you can try and negotiate a group rate with the spa, and save money in the process.

 #5: Wait for Spa Week

Spa Week takes place in major markets just twice a year. They’re worth the wait since they cost about $50, and can help you save you money here too.

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