Explaining Thermage Spa Treatments – Five Questions And Answers Guide

One of the health effects of stress and modern life hardships is pre-mature skin aging. This condition makes your skin look older and wrinkled than it actually should. Nowadays, people want to grow older while looking youthful and that is why they are using all kinds of anti-aging remedies. Although there are many products that promise wonderful results, clinically proven therapies are better off. Thermage spa treatments are good examples, and they are both secure and effective at reducing wrinkles. The following guide gives more details about this kind of therapy.

What does thermage spa mean? – It is a medical procedure based on Capacitive Radiofrequency proficiency. Incorporated in a special clinical gadget, CRF allows passage of radio waves into the epidermis. The result of this is harmless heat that warms the collagen (the skin component that makes it firm, tight and wrinkle free). The thermage spa treatments are that simple, and they leave the facial tone looking tighter, wrinkleless and attractive.

What makes this skin anti-aging safer? – First, it is noninvasive, meaning that it does not cause any visible harm on your epidermis and dermis. Therefore, the dermatologist does not incise or cut the skin so that he or she can perform the treatment. In addition, the process can take between half-an-hour to two hours. Do you know the benefit to this? The doctor would expose your skin to the heat range it can withstand. Thus, it can retain its health as the procedure occurs, even if the session ends after two long hours.

What are the advantages of thermage spa? – This therapy tightens the collagen of the skin. When it loses its natural tightness, collagen makes the epidermis look pre-maturely aged and tired. Therefore, spa treatment accelerates the re-growth of collagen, which occurs after about six months. Besides, a patient’s recovery period is usually shorter and unproblematic. Other anti-aging remedies cause serious side effects that one has to endure for quite some time.

Does the procedure cause any side effects? – It certainly does, but the side effects are self-healing and they only take up to two days. They involve trivial reddening of the skin and a slightly swollen dermis.

Is the treatment for certain people only? – Well, the answer is a no. In order to discover whether you need this treatment, you are better off meeting a dermatologist first. He or she is in a position to examine the skin and give his or her opinion. Getting this cure is a matter of choice in these hard living days. If you feel that your skin is aging quicker than it should, then do something to stop it. All you need to try are the thermage spa treatments.

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If you are looking to rejuvenate a pre-maturing aged skin, there are many options for you to try. Despite that, the thermage spa treatments are the safest and most effect solutions for a wrinkled facial skin. To find more information about them, feel free to visit our website today.

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