How to Deal With Irritated Eyes While Wearing Contact Lenses

Summary: Irritation, dry eyes, and blurriness are all common symptoms for contact users. Here are some tips to help alleviate some of these annoying issues.

Contact lenses are preferred by many that suffer from vision problems. However, many people deal with an assortment of issues such as redness, dryness, and irritation of the eyes. If you’re part of the majority, there are several options available to you to help alleviate some of these symptoms.

Purchase Eye Drops Designed for Contacts

One option is to go out and purchase contact lenses that are designed specifically for contact lenses. Now, it’s important to remember that certain types of eye drops are not meant for contacts such as the red-eye relief drops. Products such as these may affect the overall effectiveness of your contacts and shorten their shelf life. If you are unsure about what types of drops will be effective, you can always consult with your eye doctor. If you are looking to buy contacts online, there may be effective solutions that are sold alongside them as well.

Switch to Eyeglasses

If you’re suffering from irritation or dryness, your eyes just might be tired. Take the time to remove your contact lenses and wear your eyeglasses for an hour or longer, depending on how much discomfort you are in. Because they sit directly on the eyes, they can easily leave dry spots that can be both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous – barring it leads to an eye infection., a veteran contact lens supplier, recommends consulting with your eye doctor if you feel substantial irritation for longer than three days. Failing to do so could result in an infection.

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