How to Prepare for LASIK Surgery

Which corrective tool you end up using will largely come down to personal preference, your financial situation, and your lifestyle. If you determine that LASIK is right for your vision needs then you need to learn how to prepare for the surgery.

Take a Break From Contact Lenses

You need to stop wearing soft contact lenses at least a week before you undergo LASIK surgery. If you wear rigid gas permeable lenses, you should prepare to stop wearing them at least a month before the procedure. The reason why this is such an important step is because contact lenses actually change the shape of your corneas, which is where the LASIK surgery will take place. If your eyes are shaped just a bit differently during the process the machine could end up making changes that are not representative of your natural eye shape. Take a break from ordering contacts online to switch back to standard eyeglasses.

Find Someone to Take Care of You

It does not get much simpler than ordering contacts from a place like If you are interested in LASIK surgery you will need to follow a few more steps to correct your vision. Since surgery involves altering the shape of your eyes you will need to be prepared to let them rest afterwards. Make arrangements to have someone take you to and from the site of the surgery who can also help care for you at home. Your eyes will be highly sensitive, which could make simply walking around your apartment a tricky task.

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