Top Tips for Contact Lens Beginners

Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be intimidating, especially after hearing all those horror stories about infections, the lens getting stuck in your eye, and other terrible things. However, this guide will quell your fears and actually give you a sense of how easy it is to use contact lenses.

Putting Your Contact Lenses In

This is likely going to be the most difficult part of the entire process. When you’re staring into the mirror holding your contact on your finger, you’ll feel like any wrong move could poke your eye. With your natural reflexes saying “no”, and your fingers shaking, the fear is real.

Realistically, it’s not that bad. It might be daunting to touch your eyes at first, but before you know, you’ll become an expert in no time. All it takes is a couple of practice runs putting them in and taking them out. Your eyes will naturally get accustomed to the process. You can also visit your local eye doctor if you need a refresher on the process, and he or she will be happy to help.

Clean Habits

Before you put on your contact lenses, always make sure you wash your hands with warm water and soap. Follow this by drying them with a lint-free towel, then proceed to put in your contacts. Whether you purchase new lenses from an online retailer like or anywhere else, the process remains the same. You need to practice good hygiene habits.

When you first order contacts online, make sure you follow the instructions printed on the back of the box before using them. Some lenses may require you to clean, disinfect, and store them appropriately while others allow you to throw away after every use. It all depends on the type of contact lens that you purchase.

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