What is the Adjustment Process for Contact Users?

Summary: Wearing contact lenses as a newbie is much easier than you might think.

Purchasing contact lenses for the first time can be daunting and requires a certain level of care. But it can also be fun and exciting.

Whether you’re trying to put on some new colored contact lenses or are getting used to rigid gas permeable contacts, there can be roadblocks that could change your entire experience.

The Adjustment Process

Your first appointment with your eye doctor normally consists of a thorough eye exam and learning how to correctly, and safely, put on your contacts. It’ll be naturally awkward to wear your new lenses at first but getting acclimated to your new eyewear is actually a relatively easy process once you get used to it.

Many patients have gone on record to say how simple it really is. If you closely follow the suggestions of your optometrist, you likely won’t have many issues with wearing your eye contacts throughout the day.

Avoid Switching Back and Forth

If you own a pair of prescription glasses, try and wear them in the morning if possible. Moreover, look to avoid switching them halfway through the day as this could make you feel disoriented and dizzy.

The same thing can be said with your contact lenses as well. If you’re accustomed to wearing contact lenses, it might be beneficial to switch to your glasses but try not to consistently switch back and forth between the two.

Make Sure You Adhere to the Doctor’s Orders

Contact lenses are considered medical devices and are designed to correct your vision. Because they are directly placed on top of the eyes, it is extremely important to follow the instructions that your doctor gives you about the adjustment period. Lens.com recommends wearing them for the length that your doctor tells you and always make sure you’re doing everything in the most hygienic fashion. This way, you’ll avoid potential infection or harm to your eyes.

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