Building Hot Tubs and Spas in Balcony Garden

Building Hot Tubs and Spas in Balcony Garden

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If you have a small balcony or backyard as the only open place or area in your home, you need not to envious of people having large gardens with their private swimming pools. With that limited space you can still add something to your balcony in the form of hot tubs and spas to fulfill your desire of having a sort of pool in your garden, though small it may be. These are simple to handle and can be fixed easily in limited space.

Although, hot tubs and spas are convenient to use, they have a shortcoming associated with them also. One of the major is related to their weight, as they are mostly too heavy to install on the balcony. Normally, a standard hot tub weighs up to about 3628kg (8000 lb). Special care should be taken while installing a hot tub. A strengthen concrete slab of about 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) thick is required to take the weight of the tub and the bather. You can also use the reinforced wooden joists or concrete piers to support the tub. It is suggested to hire a professional and qualified architect or supplier to figure out the right way to install the tub or spas in the balcony garden.

Hot TubsHot tubs are mostly found in circular shapes, but other shapes are also available in the market. These tubs are made from hardwood like that of cedar or redwood, which is highly resistant to moisture and is normally, splinters free. For an easy excess you can half frame it in a timber-decked platform, which also give it a neat and clean built in appearance, or alternatively left it standing as if it is standing on the balcony floor. Inside it contains seats that bring warm water up to chin level. A system of heaters and jets keep it bubbling, which create satisfying massaging sensation and eventually work as an excellent anecdote to anxiety and stress.

SpasSpas relaxes ones bodies en freshens ones souls, these are made of fiberglass hence these are light en much less expenses on pockets. Though these are not very attractive these need to be decorated en enhanced with timber surround or planters in pots standing close by. Spas and hot tubs do need a good shelter overhead en surround for privacy en shelter. In cold whether one should opt for near the house so as it may approach closer, more use of leafy plants in boxes and containers should be bring in to use so as to bring coziness and privacy. One should be very well aware of the safety requirements regarding the electricity supply for operating pumps and heaters. If any doubts are there in mind one should tend to clear with the help of architect or builder.

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